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Over the years my focus has been kidney disease.  50% of patients with kidney disease have Diabetes which is managed at the onset with weight management.

I found that simply giving a person a diet did not provide long lasting results. So my focus became motivation, finding ways to keep the patient engaged and motivated to continue to pursue their health goals. Over the years I have fine tuned using  various techniques to promote excellent weight loss results.​ At this time no quick fix has been approved by the FDA so following a meal plan that keeps you full and allows you to live your life is the key to my practice. I use volumetric diet principles for satiety as well as reducing swings in blood glucose which also lead to cravings and in-between meal hunger.


Many patient success stories for improving kidney health.



              nutrition counseling

Nutritional Counseling


Chronic Kidney Disease- focus is on maintaining or improving your kidney health to avoid dialysis.

Diabetes Management- focus is on reducing the need for medication and have optimal glucose control

Weight Loss- not just a diet plan but ongoing coaching using cognitive behavior therapy to keep you charged to meet your goal. 

Nina Kolbe RD CSR LD


Frequent speaker for National Kidney Foundation

Many success stories for patients improving their kidney health and preventing need for dialysis.